Family Dentistry

At Katoomba Dental Practice, we provide a welcoming and friendly environment for the whole family especially children that visit our practice. All our dentists have children so they are able to make them feel comfortable with us.

We wanted to create the sort of practice we would have enjoyed coming to as children. We provide books and an interactive toy in our waiting room for them to enjoy. Children love to come into the surgery, go straight into the dental chair, and be shown how it can go up and down. We let them know how serious and important dental hygiene is but in a fun and easy to understand way.

Some children may get anxious about visits to the dentist and from a child’s point of view it’s easy to see why it could be a little unnerving. They have to sit in a big chair, in unfamiliar surroundings, in a room with different objects in and different noises going on. Plus there’s the dentist putting instruments in their mouth. However, with a positive and gentle approach from parents and our staff here to assist, it is completely possible to not only help children lose their anxiety about the dentists, but actually have them look forward to their visits.

Start Early

It is important your child visits us as early as possible in their life, ideally around the age of one years old. Getting to know our staff and becoming familiar with the environment from an early age is key to your child becoming comfortable with their dental visits.

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