Dr Naveed Jamil

Dental Surgeon

Dr Naveed Jamil of Katoomba Dental Practice
Dr Naveed Jamil

About Dr Jamil

Dr Naveed Jamil BDS, LDS RCS: GDC No. 66740

Naveed says:
‘I have been practising dentistry for over 30 years, graduating from Guys Hospital, along with business partner Dr Chih Liu, in 1991 and joining the  Katoomba partnership in 1998. I am married with three sons and enjoy spending time relaxing with them whenever I am not at the practice.

In line with the ethos here at Katoomba, patient satisfaction is my number one priority. Since the needs of our patients differ so greatly, I always aim to listen to our patients and provide them with a tailored experience that is right for them.

Over the years I have attended many dental courses both here in the UK and abroad in America where I have amassed a range of skills to help provide our patients with top quality dental care. As a dentist, I feel that self-improvement is pinnacle to bettering our services and this has helped us to remain at the forefront of our field. I am particularly keen on minimally invasive dentistry using the latest techniques and materials.

I look forward to welcoming you to Katoomba – you’ll find the experience friendly and refreshing.’

Denplan Essentials

Denplan Essentials has been designed to ensure that your dental health continues to be monitored and maintained, keeping your mouth healthy.

Dr Jamil has set up a dental plan to focus on preventive dentistry by providing regular check ups and hygienist time. Your dental practice team will continually check your teeth for any early signs of tooth decay or any abnormalities that may occur ensuring they are treated quickly.

A monthly gross fee of £24.80 per patient entitles you to the following with treating dentist

  • 2 Examinations per calendar year
  • 2 Hygiene treatment (including scale and polishes) per calendar year
  • X-rays as necessary

Also, you have the option to opt in to the supplementary insurance element which is included in the price of your plan. This covers you for temporary emergency treatment when you are away from home in the UK or when overseas.